Buy a bottle, wash the clothing of someone in need.

It all begins with you

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1. Shop

You shop at FREY. That easy.


2. Donate

For every bottle sold, the clothing of someone in need is washed.

We tally up the number of bottles sold and make a donation to our nonprofit partner, which covers the cost of washing.


3. Impact

Many of us take clean clothing, sheets, towels, and other linens for granted, without recognizing the impact of keeping them clean, or the expense involved.

For those living below the poverty line, washing clothes presents both a logistical problem and a financial hardship. The choice between clean clothing, school supplies, or food can be a difficult one.

The stories of the impact of negating this burden are powerful, and we are proud to contribute. 



The Laundry Project assists low-income families with meeting a basic need – washing clothes and linens, by turning laundromats into community centers of hope. Laundry fees are paid for while volunteers assist with laundry services, entertain children, and create a caring space at the laundromat.

In partnership with our friends and creators of Laundry Love, Just One, to host Laundry Projects across the U.S.

The Laundry Love & Laundry Project Story

The story of the Laundry Project was born from the idea that clean laundry is a great human equalizer providing much needed dignity and leading to hope.

This idea was inspired by the story of Laundry Love, which began with T-Bone (Eric), a homeless man living in Ventura, California. In one particular conversation, a question was asked of him: “T-Bone, how can we come alongside your life in a way that would matter?” His response was honest and practical. “If I had clean clothes I think people would treat me like a human being.”

Every single Laundry Love effort, or Laundry Love spin off and/or partnership around the U.S. is attached to this man. His desire for worth and welcome is found in us all. We all yearn to be treated as human beings. We never thought that this simple conversation 12+ years ago would spark an idea that continues to influence and care for tens of thousands of people every month. The creative and collective energy used to sustain, expand and share Laundry Love with you reminds us that every human being has tremendous worth, value and possibility. Welcome to Laundry Love.

To date Laundry Love and Laundry Project have done an estimated 600,000+ loads of laundry, and cared for over 450,000 people.

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