Be Bold.
Laundry is evolving.

Premium detergent carefully designed and meticulously crafted to fit the modern man’s lifestyle.


Unforgettable fragrance.

Scent triggers the most powerful memories. Enhance the experience.


Respect Your Wardrobe.

Treat your clothing right. The detergent that keeps your favorite garments looking better, longer.

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Make an Impact.

Stand for something. FREY is eco-friendly, and 10% of our profits go to charities like the Wounded Warrior Project and the Movember Foundation.


Exceptional Formulation.

The detergent that works as hard as you do. A proprietary enzyme blend fights tough stains and odors, while preserving your athletic wear.


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Designer Label Safe

Treat your clothes right. The detergent that keeps them looking better, longer.

Exceptional Formulation

A cologne-inspired scent and a proprietary enzyme blend combine for a superior clean.

Make an Impact

Smell good, and feel good. Frey is an eco-friendly detergent, and 10% of our profits go to charities like the Wounded Warrior Project and the Movember Foundation.

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Making the switch to FREY is risk-free. We are so confident in FREY, we offer a 100% guarantee. If you do not like it better than your current detergent, send us an email, and we will refund you your full amount.

Never worry about running out of detergent again. Choose our subscribe and save option, available on each product page: FREY delivered straight to your door, regularly.

Change or cancel your plan at any time.


What do our customers say about us?

Geza F., GQ Insider


Hey Leif, Just wanted to let you know that I used Frey on my 6 loads of laundry over Thanksgiving break, and this stuff is awesome! I wanted to wear a couple outfits before I reached out to let you know that the oak and musk smell lasts so long. My clothes smells awesome and much more manly than any other detergent I have ever used. You guys are definitely on to something with Frey detergent.


Andrew D.

Los Angeles, California

Frey is the only detergent I've been using for the past two months. The scent is addicting and I can't wait to do my laundry now!


Mike G.

Baltimore, MD

FREY is the best laundry detergent for men. Knowing FREY is also socially responsible only makes them better.


Eric G.


I find myself doing laundry more often just to keep the scent around. No complaints, especially from my girlfriend. Thanks FREY!


Cam H.


First you had me at the scent. Then, as an ex Canadian Armed Forces member, you completely had me hooked when I saw you donate to the Wounded Warriors.




I had never heard of Frey before. Between my husband and two sons I am the one who searches for 'less girly scents'.... Your detergent is fantastic smelling. It's masculine but not like a cologne, just manly clean. I love the way it smells. I'll be ordering more for sure.... I'll be telling everyone about Frey. Good job!




Self-assured men have always appreciated taking care of themselves. They welcome new ways of incorporating more style and masculinity into their daily routines.

The modern man has his own hair products, grooming products, deodorants, and everything in between. He deserves his own detergent. Challenged to find a men's detergent in the laundry aisle, we created FREY to fill the void.

FREY: Detergent for Men features a classic rugged bottle, superior cleaning power, and a masculine fragrance inspired by the top men's colognes. It's eco-friendly, designer label safe, philanthropic, and delivered straight to your door. So know that in buying a superior product, you're also making a positive impact on the world. FREY might just change your outlook on life – or at least laundry.

FREY is our first gift to you, for you, and inspired by you, our fellow gentlemen.

Here’s to you, gents,

The Frey Brothers

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